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New Wikipedian. Lover of killer whales, apparently. Fellow Alaskan? Welcome, anyway! --LMS


Yes, my handle does refer to those lovely sea creatures, and yes, I live near waters where Orcas thrive. Currently, I live in Juneau and have for 19 years. I'd describe myself as an inveterate reader. Most people would describe me as well-informed, (and, probably, opinionated).

I have an undergraduate degree in History from an old-fashioned, liberal arts college Occidental College, hold a teaching credential (elementary school), and worked as a systems programmer.

2020: Back and actively working on Juneau Alaska pages

I'm still seeking what the WWW is really good for. So far I enjoy the Motley Fool (community, encouraging frugality and thoughfulness), Tidepool (news of the region, focused on Nature), Trackstar (web pages in frames, mostly lessons), and, of course, Wikipedia.


Spring 2002: happy to be here. Currently, seeking the preferred format for listing an external reference. I know I've seen it at the bottom of some articles and believe I want to put a link on the US Department of Labor article, but haven't had much luck finding the example.

Back and involved tail end of 2018