This Woman's Work: Anthology 1978–1990

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This Woman's Work
Box set by
Released22 October 1990
ProducerKate Bush
Andrew Powell
Jon Kelly
David Gilmour
Kate Bush chronology
Aspects of the Sensual World
This Woman's Work
The Red Shoes
Professional ratings
Review scores
Encyclopedia of Popular Music[2]
MusicHound Rock[4]
New Musical Express9/10[5]
The Rolling Stone Album Guide[7]
Spin Alternative Record Guide7/10[9]

This Woman's Work: Anthology 1978–1990 is a compilation box set by the English singer-songwriter Kate Bush. Released in 1990 on CD, vinyl and cassette; it comprises her six studio albums to that point together with two additional albums of B-sides, rarities and remixes. The box set was re-released, on CD only, in 1998 in different packaging. It was not released in the US mainly due to The Sensual World being released there by Columbia Records.

The two rarities discs are entitled This Woman's Work: Volume One and This Woman's Work: Volume Two (in the vinyl edition the twenty-nine tracks are spread over three LP's), and have never been released as albums separately from the box set.

Although publicised as a complete collection of Bush's works up to 1990, many tracks released during this time are missing from this collection including the Single Version Remix of "The Man with the Child in His Eyes", the Single Edit remix of "Wow", the dead-end version of "Army Dreamers" which featured on "The Whole Story" album, "Dreamtime" (the instrumental B-side of "The Dreaming" single), "Sat in Your Lap (Single Mix)", "Running Up that Hill (Instrumental Version)", "The Big Sky (Single Version)", "The Sensual World (Instrumental Version)", "The Confrontation" from the "Love and Anger" single and the Single Version Mix of "This Woman's Work". Various songs featured in films were also omitted, notably "The Magician", from the film "The Magician of Lublin".

Track listing[edit]

All songs written and composed by Kate Bush. Except "In Search of Peter Pan" written by Kate Bush and incorporates "When You Wish Upon A Star" (Lyrics by Ned Washington and Music by Leigh Harline), "Lord of the Reedy River" by Donovan, and "The Handsome Cabin Boy" and "My Lagan Love" which are traditional songs.

Disc 1 – The Kick Inside[edit]

2."The Saxophone Song"3:51
3."Strange Phenomena"2:57
5."The Man with the Child in His Eyes"2:39
6."Wuthering Heights"4:35
7."James and the Cold Gun"3:31
8."Feel It"3:00
9."Oh to Be in Love"3:21
10."L'Amour Looks Something Like You"2:26
11."Them Heavy People"3:01
12."Room for the Life"4:11
13."The Kick Inside"3:30
Total length:43:16

Disc 2 – Lionheart[edit]

1."Symphony in Blue"3:31
2."In Search of Peter Pan"3:58
4."Don't Push Your Foot on the Heartbrake"3:10
5."Oh England My Lionheart"3:10
7."In the Warm Room"3:49
8."Kashka From Baghdad"4:00
9."Coffee Homeground"3:41
10."Hammer Horror"4:37
Total length:36:55

Disc 3 – Never for Ever[edit]

2."Delius (Song of Summer)"2:49
3."Blow Away (For Bill)"3:32
4."All We Ever Look For"3:50
6."The Wedding List"4:21
8."The Infant Kiss"2:45
9."Night Scented Stock"0:50
10."Army Dreamers"2:55
Total length:37:30

Disc 4 – The Dreaming[edit]

1."Sat in Your Lap"3:42
2."There Goes a Tenner"5:56
3."Pull Out the Pin"5:29
4."Suspended in Gaffa"3:59
5."Leave It Open"3:27
6."The Dreaming"4:49
7."Night of the Swallow"5:18
8."All the Love"4:29
10."Get Out of My House"5:32
Total length:43:27

Disc 5 – Hounds of Love[edit]

1."Running Up that Hill (A Deal with God)"4:58
2."Hounds of Love"2:58
3."The Big Sky"4:45
4."Mother Stands for Comfort"3:13
6."And Dream of Sheep"2:49
7."Under Ice"2:16
8."Waking the Witch"4:21
9."Watching You Without Me"4:09
10."Jig of Life"4:01
11."Hello Earth"6:16
12."The Morning Fog"2:32
Total length:47:29

Disc 6 – The Sensual World[edit]

1."The Sensual World"5:16
2."Love and Anger"4:45
3."The Fog"5:14
4."Reaching Out"3:08
5."Heads We're Dancing"5:17
6."Deeper Understanding"4:48
7."Between a Man and a Woman"3:27
8."Never Be Mine"3:51
9."Rocket's Tail (For Rocket)"4:12
10."This Woman's Work"3:30
11."Walk Straight Down the Middle"3:58
Total length:45:57

Disc 7 – This Woman's Work: Volume One[edit]

No.TitleOriginally appears onLength
1."The Empty Bullring""Breathing" 7" (1980)2:13
2."Ran Tan Waltz""Babooshka" 7" (1980)2:39
3."Passing Through Air""Army Dreamers" 7" (1980)2:01
4."December Will Be Magic Again""December Will Be Magic Again" 7" (1980)4:49
5."Warm and Soothing""December Will Be Magic Again" 7"2:42
6."Lord of the Reedy River""Sat in Your Lap" 7" (1981)2:42
7."Ne T'En Fui Pas" (Title is misspelt, the correct spelling in French being "Ne T'Enfuis Pas")"There Goes a Tenner" 7"/"Suspended in Gaffa" 7" (1982)2:10
8."Un Baiser d'Enfant" (French version of "The Infant Kiss", which originally appeared on the 1980 album Never for Ever)"Ne T'en Fuis Pas" 7" (1983)3:00
9."Under the Ivy""Running Up That Hill" 7" (1985)2:06
10."Burning Bridge""Cloudbusting" 7" (1985)4:44
11."My Lagan Love""Cloudbusting" 12" (1985)2:29
12."The Handsome Cabin Boy""Hounds of Love" 7" (1986)3:11
13."Not This Time""The Big Sky" 7" (1986)3:39
14."Walk Straight Down the Middle""The Sensual World" 7" (1989)3:51
15."Be Kind to My Mistakes""This Woman's Work" 7" (1989)2:59
Total length:46:07

Disc 8 – This Woman's Work: Volume Two[edit]

No.TitleOriginally appears onLength
1."I'm Still Waiting""This Woman's Work" 7" (1989)4:31
2."Ken""Love and Anger" 7" (1989)3:47
3."One Last Look Around the House Before We Go""Love and Anger" 7"0:58
4."Wuthering Heights" (New vocal)The Whole Story (1986)5:02
5."Experiment IV"The Whole Story (1986)4:19
6."Them Heavy People" (Live)On Stage EP (1979)4:10
7."Don't Push Your Foot on the Heartbrake" (Live)On Stage EP3:39
8."James and the Cold Gun" (Live)On Stage EP6:18
9."L'Amour Looks Something Like You" (Live)On Stage EP2:47
10."Running Up That Hill" (12" mix)"Running Up That Hill" 12"5:42
11."Cloudbusting" (Organon mix)"Cloudbusting" 12"6:36
12."Hounds of Love" (Alternative)"Hounds of Love" 7"3:51
13."The Big Sky" (Meteorological mix)"The Big Sky" 12" (1986)8:03
14."Experiment IV" (12" mix)"Experiment IV" 12" (1986)6:48
Total length:66:14



Chart (1991) Peak
Australian Albums (ARIA)[10] 143


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