Lippershey (crater)

Coordinates: 25°54′S 10°18′W / 25.9°S 10.3°W / -25.9; -10.3
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Coordinates25°54′S 10°18′W / 25.9°S 10.3°W / -25.9; -10.3
Diameter7 km
Depth1.4 km
Colongitude11° at sunrise
EponymHans Lippershey

Lippershey is a relatively tiny lunar impact crater located in the southeast section of the Mare Nubium. It was named after German-Dutch optician Hans Lippershey.[1] It is a circular, cup-shaped feature surrounded by the lunar mare. Lippershey lies to the northeast of the crater Pitatus.

Satellite craters[edit]

By convention these features are identified on lunar maps by placing the letter on the side of the crater midpoint that is the closest to Lippershey.

Lippershey Latitude Longitude Diameter
K 26.7° S 11.4° W 2 km
L 25.7° S 11.7° W 3 km
M 24.3° S 10.9° W 2 km
N 24.5° S 9.5° W 3 km
P 26.3° S 8.3° W 2 km
R 26.6° S 10.1° W 4 km
T 25.2° S 11.1° W 5 km


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